Blue Jeans Breakfast 2019

On 6 June we co-hosted the Blue Jeans Breakfast with Global Z-Data and BizSmart, and we are overjoyed at the success that it was.

Our full house of guests enjoyed a morning of networking and breakfast, with an engaging discussion on Digital Transformation by our keynote speaker.  Ryan Hogarth was truly captivating and left us feeling inspired to re-look the way that we are doing business and how we are approaching the ever-changing world of technology.

Our sponsors for this event comprised Sage, Mimecast, ESET, Maxtec, Fortinet and CLOUD29.


Blue Jeans Breakfasts aim to bring together networking, education, collaboration and creativity in a relaxed environment.


We look forward to taking these conversations on innovation, business and technology further.  If you wish to make suggestions or collaborate on a future event, please do get in touch.