Introducing the OPUS Solution

MRBM are always on the lookout for products that will add value for our customers. We have a fantastic new solution that will improve efficiencies in many workplaces amidst the current crisis.


This mobile data collection tool allows teams in the field to seamlessly feedback work-related digital checklist data to an online dashboard for meaningful reporting and analytics. It provides a paperless way to PLAN, MANAGE, SCHEDULE and COLLECT data in the workplace.

The OPUS system works offline, stores the GPS coordinates and is capable of capturing rich media content such as photos.

From simple daily question-based checklists to intricate monthly audits, the OPUS solution can be customised to suit any business with a mobile workforce. The simple and easy to use app interface makes pen-and-paper data collection a thing of the past.

This solution is suitable for your business if you can answer Yes to any of these questions:

  • Do you have Excel spreadsheets that collect data?
  • Do you have WhatsApp groups requesting or passing instructions?
  • Do you spend more time collating data than actioning data?
  • Do you require feedback for a specific workflow (e.g. health and safety protocol) to commence?


Our current challenge is COVID-19 and the collection of data pertaining to staff and visitors. Please click here to watch a brief video to see how the OPUS solution can help your business manage data in the workplace during this time.


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Contact us to arrange a quote or an online demonstration: info@mrbm.co.za or 031 818 9030.